Thursday, December 26, 2013

Just waiting..........

So not much has been going on we are in the 14 day waiting period that we are able to make changes. We have changed a couple of things but not much. Our sales rep went through everything with us so we are pretty set on what we want. Monday is our meeting to finalize our options!
On a different note I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!!!!
Looking forward to putting more updates as we move along. Hopefully soon we will have more going on haha! Oh yeah I also set up our wiring appointment with Trinity (on all of the blogs i have read I heard of Guardian being the wiring company but i guess not). So until then.....
Love and flutterbys,


  1. Hey Sarah, Welcome to the RH blog family! Best way to get traffic is to add "blogs you follow" on your welcome screeen, you can do that by going into your template and editing the section blogs I follow, add and save URL's from blogs you like and it will insert it onto your face page.
    Also get in here and make friends and comment on many blogs you like and insert your blog URL for us to click on and many of us will follow you!

    there is so very mmmucchhh to be learned on here!

    Some advice, make sure you get ALL your bumps out!! Get the most out of your home! Get the morning room and bump outs in living room and extend that garage, get that bay window and add a few more, I know it sounds expensive but you will see sooooooooooooooo many of us out here should have done that. you cant do that later without a HUGE COST!! My only regret is I did not get that bay window and an extra window in my master and living room. Feel free to follow me, I moved in Jan. of 2013 I am in the middle of my 10month inspection and have lots of advice, wanted or not...hahahahaha.

    Welcome and looking forward to watching you

  2. Hi dwtimes! Awesome advice! Thanks i really appreciate it. I followed your blog also! Im having a problem finding blogs that are continuing to blog or ones that are in the building phase I guess i just need to keep looking! I will take all the advice i can get haha! I look forward to following you!

  3. Hey!! I LOVE all the blogs,they are so helpful! I look forward to watching your house go up ! I just got keys 3 days ago and plan to keep my blog going... Everyone is so friendly on here!!

  4. Hi Sara, just found your blog and very excited, we are on a similar timeline, we just broke ground this week! I just followed your blog, take a peek at mine and follow if you like :).