Thursday, December 26, 2013

Just waiting..........

So not much has been going on we are in the 14 day waiting period that we are able to make changes. We have changed a couple of things but not much. Our sales rep went through everything with us so we are pretty set on what we want. Monday is our meeting to finalize our options!
On a different note I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!!!!
Looking forward to putting more updates as we move along. Hopefully soon we will have more going on haha! Oh yeah I also set up our wiring appointment with Trinity (on all of the blogs i have read I heard of Guardian being the wiring company but i guess not). So until then.....
Love and flutterbys,

Friday, December 20, 2013


We signed! After talking about the rest of the options we wanted and finding out the pricing... we signed to have our new sienna built!!!! Im so ecstatic right now!! We picked out our lot and its perfect! lol its pretty much all dead brown grass at the moment, but i can just picture our house built and my son running around and playing in the grass. So to me it is perfect! I cant believe this is happening! I cant explain how blessed I feel! We are building our first home EXACTLY how we want it! Its so crazy!!! Our sales rep (Tom) has been so awesome through everything so far! He has gone above and beyond to make sure that we are getting the house of our dreams! My husband and I are very picky so you can imagine how thoroughly he has went through every detail with us from us wanting screws instead of nails in the sub floors to wanting LED lighting and everything in between, he has been so great! We are very lucky to have him helping us with our loan as well! Which we did decide to go with NVR (i know....lots of people with bad reviews) but, so far so good! Our (loan officer?) Rhonda has been pretty awesome so far very helpful and informative. So we are looking forward to working with them!
Our Lot 

  For anyone who doesnt know what the Sienna looks like (or just want to see the floor plan) here ya go!

So our next meeting will be to finalize all of our selections and after that im not really sure... so we shall see!
Love and flutterbys

Monday, December 16, 2013

Anyone out there????

Any moms out there? I don't want this blog to be limited to just building a house. I want it to be a place I can chat with other moms or others in or about to go to college...........heck ANYONE lol! I plan on keeping this blog long after our house is built so I want it to include lots of stuff. Soooooooooo again anyone??? Leave a comment with your blog because I'd love to follow!
Love and flutterbys,

Friday, December 13, 2013

Who i am....

Hello out there,
Well, im gunna do this quick! As i type my son is ripping decorations off of our christmas tree! My name is Sarah im a stay at home mom but not for much longer! I will be starting College this fall, I will be getting my bachelors in dental hygiene! Im starting this blog for many reasons but for now the main purpose is for people out there looking into taking the plunge with Ryan Homes! Now i say "taking the plunge" because buying a house is a huge deal! But buying a house from a builder that seems to have quite the bad reputation on the internet makes it a whole different playing field! So my hopes are that my blog can put some buyers perspective out there, be it good or HOPEFULLY not bad haha! (Laughs nervously!)  My husband and i started perusing the idea of getting a house and moving from our small but beautiful apartment just a short 2 months ago! This apartment made us realize what we wanted in a home! It's beautiful with granite counter tops to a nice HUGE soaking tub i love it but it will never be "ours." We want to start investing our money, we want a house that our little family can grow into, and we want a back yard for our son and for a dog hopefully this summer to burn energy in! So one day we decided to drivie to a town next to were we currently rent. We discovered a community with beautiful homes and a gated community right next to it (i do wish the community we want was gated but its beautiful and it is safe from any busy streets!) We started looking into a house that was for sale but realized why not build? Well my first thoughts were ummmm how could we afford to build a house?!?!? Well we spoke to a lender that had contacted us who also had bought a ryan home and he told us the ins and outs of it all so we decided to meet with a sales rep to confim what we found out. Well after speaking to our sales rep we found out we could afford the house of our dreams for not much more a month than what we are paying for rent at this moment! My husband and i were shocked we still couldnt believe it! So we sat on the idea for a little while deciding when and what kind of house we would want to build...... Well we  met with that sales rep again just to go over what we picked out  see the price we were looking at just for reference we didnt plan to actually start building until around february just so we could clear off our debt and get the best interest rate we could! Well like i said our mortgage payments came out to be just a little more than what we already pay monthly just to rent! So we decided to speak with their lenders NVR so far we have really liked working with them we were prapproved for exactly how much we needed and the lowest rate available after finding this out we decided why wait??? With rates and building costs expected to rise we decided to meet with our sales rep again this coming up Wednesday to go over all the numbers and as long as everything goes well we will be signing our contract to lock our pricing in! So here we are! I will post more details after our meeting with our sales rep! Wish us luck!!!
Have a great night!